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It was 2013. My then-husband brought home the documentary The Secret from a client, and I honestly thought nothing of it. Little did I know that movie would go on to plant seeds in my subconscious and would single-handedly be the “thing” that woke me.

The first few times I watched it, I admit that I was extremely judgmental. Who were these people and were they for real? Can my life really be like this? It took me a while to catch on. But I eventually did.

After years of studying the Law of Attraction, and after having quite a…

3 Ways to Tell the Difference

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One of the biggest struggles I’ve encountered throughout my anxiety journey is the feeling of not being able to trust myself. It is incredibly unnerving to not be able to discern whether the incessant voice in my head is actually my intuition, or if it’s a bullshit story based on intense thoughts and strong emotions. That feeling of not being able to trust the self is one of the most immobilizing states to be in; it can absolutely cripple you and keep you from moving forward, having conversations, or taking any action whatsoever.

“Intuition is knowing without knowing.”

~ Anonymous

Yes, Nasal Rinsing is for You — and Your Health

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I live in Michigan, and this time of year has me feeling oh-so-miserable from sun up to sun down: watery eyes, constant sneezing, and congested sinuses. Seasonal allergies have plagued me for most of my adult life, and I used to think there was no remedy except for over-the-counter pharmaceuticals (hello, Claritin). The more holistic and in tune with my body I get, though, the less and less I want to flood it with anything unnatural. So, I have basically resorted to a “grin and bear it” mentality each and…

The Breath is Your Most Powerful Tool

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The noise of rush hour traffic. The thought of having to pick your child up on time when there are still work responsibilities to be done. The worries that are on endless loops in the back of your brain, seemingly harmless but taking up substantial brain bandwidth, nonetheless.

Our modern world provides no shortage of items to stress over. We are a society that has some of the highest anxiety and depression rates in all of human history, and it’s no surprise as to why. We are constantly being bombarded by stimuli, we are forced to do more with less…

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Ahhhh. It’s that time of year again (at least here in the Northern Hemisphere). The snow has melted, the sun is starting to make a regular appearance, and each day its light illuminates the sky for a few extra minutes. Despite the fact that there is still a global virus circulating our world, spring brings with it a renewed sense of hope and aliveness. There is a fresh energy that hasn’t been felt in, well, about a year, and it is just what the doctor ordered.

This time of year is best known for fresh air, planting seeds (literally or…

What the Self-Help World Doesn’t Discuss

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I have spent the better part of three decades attempting to figure out who I am and what I want. Part of this work has involved setting boundaries around the things, people, jobs, and obligations that were keeping me from living “my best life”. Through therapy and coaching, I learned so many tools and resources to regain a sound mind, body, and spirit. I did all the work. All the work: the mindset work, the somatic work, and the energetic work. It took me years and years to learn how to ground into my body.

In a nutshell, I tore…

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When I first began taking yoga classes, I had no idea what a Sun Salutation was, let alone why it was good for me. To be honest, I started yoga as a way to channel my inner childhood gymnast — a way to maintain my flexibility and still be able to make impressive shapes with my body. (Hello, ego.)

In short, I had zero clue what yoga was really about.

My first trip to India in early 2017 taught me the basics of Hatha yoga, of which the Sun Salutations make up the foundation of this ancient practice. From then…

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I admit that I used to be terrible with my time.

I was the person who was always late and rushing around. I was the one with too much to do and too little time to do it, and a hurried, anxious state was the baseline of my entire day.

I was frazzled, unorganized, and filled with overwhelm from the time I woke up to the time my head hit the pillow and I passed out from sheer exhaustion.

The worst thing about all of that is that it was nearly impossible for me to be present in my own…

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Back in my youth and teen years, I was a magnet for new friends. The house I shared with my college roommates was the weekly hotspot for our many groups to come together to pregame and hangout. We would take in and bring people together like no one else could. I was the “therapist” in all of my circles, with everyone I knew seemingly coming to me to vent or to ask for advice. I was surrounded by so many different people all the time, and I truly loved that time in my life. …

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It was November 2016. I had just moved out of the home I shared with my husband and into a one-bedroom apartment by the lake. I remember the day like it was yesterday, as I emptied the material possessions I worked so hard to accumulate over the course of my marriage into a mid-size U-Haul. The day before had been filled with sunshine and reasonable temperatures (for Michigan, that is), but on that day the snow and wind had decided to make their seasonal entrance. As if this Moving Day could get any worse, now I was forced to lug…


I am a full-time yoga educator, somatic energy practitioner, and freelance writer. MOVE. BREATHE. CONNECT.

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